leading from the wrong mindset can stunt your growth

“I can do it better myself.”

“It takes more time to teach someone else to do it than it does to just do it myself!”

“If you don’t hear from me, that means you’re doing a good job.”

If we’re being honest, most of us in leadership positions have said one or more of these things at least once (and probably more than once).

Every leader wants more time to focus on higher-leverage activities. To be able to leave the office for more than an hour and have things operate as if we were still there. To be able to take our family on vacation without sneaking off to the balcony to take a quick call or solve a problem. But what is preventing us from being able to do that?

In my case, it was me.

I wanted better productivity, less drama, lower employee turnover, and greater employee engagement. But I was causing low productivity, drama, and employee turnover. This is because I was bringing my champion mindset to the job: I was focusing my time around "me" and not "we".

If this sounds familiar, check out the PDF below that you can use to do a "neck up check-up" and see how much champion mindset vs leadership mindset you recognize. Included is also our approach to solving this with a program that addresses mindset, skillset, tools and discipline of leaders.


Download full 5-page PDF