Transform your managers into a leadership team that can help you grow your business 

If your managers don’t have an enterprise view of your company, and are not using best practices to manage and grow their people, your business won’t have the capacity it needs to scale.  

We can help. 

We teach managers to develop high performance teams.

That’s what builds capacity.

That’s how your business will scale. 

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Your managers need only invest SEVEN HOURS a month for four months to be transformed into the top team building leaders you need them to be. 

We have trained over 3,000 people to be performance leaders using our Champion to Leader Framework™. 

Huron Associate’s Champion to Leader Framework™ is based on the synthesis of over thirty key leadership, management, and organizational behavior texts plus years of personal leadership experience from our coaches. 

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Your people will learn the…



and Discipline lead their teams in alignment with your vision for your organization.  

Most managers in Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) were promoted into their positions because of their technical and functional expertise. They are what we call Champions.  

To scale your business, those Champions must be TRANSFORMED into true Leaders


We turn your Champions into Leaders


Champions Leaders

I’m the best one to do the job (and most people would agree). 

I may be the best person to do the job, but for the growth of the organization, I need to build others up to do it.

I’m responsible for my personal performance. 

I’m responsible for my team's performance and development.

My success or failure depends on how well I do my job. 

My success or failure will be determined by the weakest link on my team.

Mistakes are unacceptable (mostly because they are caused by others). 

Mistakes are teachable moments and necessary for people to build the mental muscle to be stronger tomorrow

I’m competitive with coworkers. 

I Build systems that enable my team to be a competitive threat in the market.

Best Selling

Huron Associates' Champion to Leader Development Program - Back to School Sale

$499/ month for 4 months per person

Transform Your Team From Champions into Leaders!

  • Class Size Limited to 25 Students
  • One 90 Minute Webinar Each Month
  • One 45 Minute 1:1 Private Coaching Call Each Month
  • One 90 Minute Group Call Each Month
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If by the end of the first month, your participants are not 100% satisfied that the program is giving them the mindset, skills, and discipline to be leaders in your organization, we will refund 100% of the fee you have paid and you will have no further obligation. 

“I have had executive development over the years, but I didn’t have a simple way of getting my executive team to be on the same page regarding leadership expectations, skills, and tools. The Champion to Leader Development Program solved this for us.”

- Tim Vetter, President/CEO RED Stamp Inc., Grand Rapids, MI

“The Champion to Leader program allows me to be a better coach to my executive team. When I see them falling back into the old way of doing things, I say “What would it take for you to let go of that banana?” And because of the shared learning experience we had in the program, they know exactly what I mean and get back into the leadership mindset.”

- Dave Tepper, General Manager, Tangram Construction Trades, Santa Fe Springs, CA

“Because of the Champion to Leader Development Program, my leaders now recognize that it is their job to create champions and not just be a champion – We have all elevated our game to work on strategically important stuff and develop others to run more and more of the day to day.”

- Lance Werner, Executive Director, Kent District Library, Grand Rapids, MI

Program Coaches

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Nevin Groce

Great Lakes Regional Coach

Nevin is a third-generation entrepreneur who is currently a founding principal at ROCG Great Lakes and a coach at Huron Associates Leadership practice.  Nevin’s experience, education and interests makes him a leading expert in coaching and consulting with privately held businesses to execute strategic objectives allowing them to acquire freedom and financial stability.


Rick Robinson

Southwest Regional Coach

Rick Robinson is a dynamic speaker with 20+ years of training and consulting experience. He has worked with with companies of every size, from start-ups to the Fortune 100. Rick's goal in any engagement is to create results-based programs that matter: programs that help organizations reach their business goals. Robinson's extensive background enables him to coach leaders from every discipline in an organization and at every level.

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Shawn Merritt

Speaker | Coach

Shawn’s passion has always been engineering systems to get results. And his 25+ years of experience, deep understanding of methodology and affinity for process give him the ability to do just that. He can speak to the big picture as well as the practical, day-to-day operations of your business. He’s formulated best practices through working with some of the country’s top manufacturers and businesses, honed methods and models that are proven to work, and can scale them appropriately for small and medium enterprises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a discount based on the number of people I send to the training?

No. Because the training is high touch and includes four hours of 1:1 coaching time for each student, there is no tiered discounting. 

How can I feel confident that what my team learns will stick?

Each student creates an ongoing development plan with their coach. That plan is what will keep them on track and using what they have learned. Additionally, you will be given a list of questions you can ask your team to keep the training top of mind. 

What makes this program unique?

The Champion to Leader Development Program is unique in four areas we designate as the four Cs. 

  • Content – We present best practices, proven tools, useful frameworks, and critical concepts woven together with stories intended for immediate application
  • Collaborative Community – The monthly virtual meetings with other students allow for shared experiences that reinforces the value of the learning. 
  • Coaching – Monthly 1:1 coaching sessions with a certified leadership coach ensure application and integration of concepts, tools, and frameworks into daily practice.
  • Cost-effectiveness – At  $499/month, the Champion to Leader Development Program delivers excellent value to any organization. We challenge you to find other leadership development programs at this price point that include 1:1 coaching. 
Is there homework? What is the time commitment?

Yes. Participants will have a little over three hours of homework each month. In total, you can expect your managers to spend about seven hours a month interacting with the program during the four months. 

Program Overview

1st Month

In this session, we discuss how many of us became managers by being a champion first.  We then explore:

  • The critical differences between the mindset of leader and the mindset of a champion.
  • How to lead with vision.
  • The importance of knowing and leveraging our strengths in managing others.
2nd Month

In Session 1, we discussed moving from being a champion to creating champions.  In this session, we take a deeper dive into:

  • The 10 elements that make up a champion
  • The critical role leaders play in organizational growth
  • How to manage the talent lifecycle to find, onboard, and develop champions
  • Four theories and frameworks that every leader needs to know and use to create a rewarding and enabling environment.
3rd Month

In this session, we learn effective methods of being a leader & developing a team:

  • Team dynamics
  • Performance system assessment
  • How to set clear expectations
  • How to provide feedback that helps people do their jobs better
  • Performance Management:  Moving from Judge to Coach
4th Month

In this session, we lay the groundwork for ongoing leadership success. 

  • Talent Assessment
  • Career Path Development
  • Individual Development Planning
  • Performance Management Cadence
  • On The Job training
  • Putting it all together > Setting Yourself Up for Leadership Success

To conclude the program, we discuss how to integrate continuous improvement into the culture.

Set up and manage a cross-functional, continuous improvement culture that gets everyone engaged in working on the business and not just working in the business.

Ready For Your Team To Be Transformed?

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