The growth of many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is dictated not by the market’s ability to sustain growth, but by the business’ ability to change and improve its value proposition and operating model fast enough to increase market relevance.

The Current Situation Cycle

Leaders as Champions

Leaders are acting as “champions” in the business and not building systems and capability for the future.


Leaders making progress are often acting without a well defined and shared vision of the future.

Today's Priorities Take Over

Without consistent strategy or vision, and lacking a management system that sanctions/approves/allocates resources to tomorrow’s strategic success, today’s operational success uses all available resources.

Can you say yes to all of these?

  • My organization is growing, with the vision, structureand market presence to be in a sustainable leadership position
  • We have a clear vision and purpose that is defined, well understood, and designed into our decision making and resource allocation
  • Our goals are clearly defined and supported by strategies, short term objectives and tactics, tracked closely by KPIs and are regularly achieved
  • Our leadership, talent and organizational structure is stable, vibrant and supports the outcomes we need to realize our vision
  • We have a management system that enables us to allocate resources to both running the business today and preparing for tomorrow
  • Our enterprise and functional leadership teams use data to visualize performance and can therefore make resourcing decisions in real time
  • My business is sustainable, valuable and satisfying

If not, then the Adaptive Management Cycle is for you.

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Engagement Objectives & Goals

Upon completion, you will have:

A three year strategic plan, including mission, vision, balanced scorecard goals, prioritized strategies and objectives.

An operational plan for the coming year with milestones, tactics, and key performance indicators

Agreement across all functional leaders on what success looks like to both external and internal customers

Functional plans for each department to align their objectives and activities to enterprise outcomes and the Customer Journey

A management system of regular reviews, data driven decision making, and resource allocation for both running the business and focused improvement initiatives

A method for all employees to participate in cross functional teams to close high priority gaps in work flow issues

Visual, digital dashboards that display enterprise-level key performance indicators and messages to keep everyone informed and aligned on mission critical performance and activities

What Our Engagement Looks Like

Approximately 4 Months

Strategic Planning

Project Staging and Kickoff

Align existing strategy work with HA templates

Review existing financials and business plans

Pre Meeting Interviews with Executive Team to determine SWOT SSCCC

Facilitate as needed: Mission, Vision, 3 Year Goals, Strategy, Objectives

Capture, Document, Deliver Draft for approval

1-Yr Operational Playbook

Define Enterprise KPI Dashboard: elements, measures, targets, baseline

Facilitate team in defining first year milestones and 4 Quarter Operational Plan – Tactics to achieve objectives defined and prioritized across strategies

Determine and stage first quarter Enterprise Level STIPs

Adaptive Leadership System: Design And Implementation

Guide team in building KPI and STIP Project Boards and Accountability System

Facilitate session with executive team to identify and adopt Adaptive Management best practices

Facilitate 2 hour session on learning cycles philosophy and method

Functional Cascade, Map Customer Journey Ongoing Support, Build KPI’s & Dashboard

Engage functional teams in next level planning

Quarterly business reviews with executive team to align and improve process

Provide templates and facilitate functional level Planning to Win sessions (2 hours of support per function)

Facilitate Enterprise and Cross-Functional “Catchball” session to align and gain commitment to priorities

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