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Our Services Are Specifically Designed to Help Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Grow People and Profits

To Grow Sustainably, Small and Medium Enterprises Need:

Business Strategy Facilitation
Innovation Capability Improvement
Decision Making and
Management System Implementation
Sales Effectiveness
Data Driven Decision Making
Leader / Manager Capability Development

Our Services

The Adaptive Management System

The Adaptive Management System is the result of this leadership team engagement. Upon completion, you will have a three-year strategic plan, a one-year operational plan, an up-to-date customer journey map, key performance indicators, and the discipline and cadence required to effectively allocate resources to today's priorities and tomorrow's vision.

Do you ever feel like you can't get traction? That you bounce from one flavor of the month to the next without doing the things necessary to grow and scale? Then the adaptive management system is perfect for you.

The professionals at Huron Associates will facilitate you through a process that will transform the way you run your business forever. So you Think, Focus, Plan, and Act as a team to achieve meaningful business outcomes in a repeatable yet flexible management system.

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Leadership Development (The Champion to Leader Program)

Too often companies promote their best employees into management but don't give them the leadership training they need. Those high performing people (we call them Champions) try to fulfill their role using the same skill that earned them their promotion. That ends in trouble....something we fall the Champion Complex. Our Champion to Leader Development Program turns those high performing employees into people Leaders who in turn develop more Champions on your team. 

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The Solution Selling System

Over the past 20 years, the internet has changed the way things get bought and how things get sold. If you have a legacy organization rooted in product-based selling, you are most likely experiencing commoditization and margin erosion. You need to move from product-based selling to problem-based selling - in other words; you need to be able to solve your customers' problems, not just offer products.

This update requires changes in three areas of your sales system: Sales Management - including the sales process mapped to the desired customer journey, pricing protocols, and coaching cadence, salesforce development - equipping and enable your salespeople to solve customer problems while they facilitate the buying process so that you win more at higher margins, and salesforce compensation - to ensure you are paying for the behavior that you want in a way that is fair and straight forward.

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Meet Shawn

Huron Associates Owner Shawn Merritt brings his expertise and passion together to help small and medium-sized enterprises successfully navigate growth.

Shawn’s passion has always been engineering systems to get results. And his 25+ years of experience, deep understanding of methodology and affinity for process give him the ability to do just that. He can speak to the big picture as well as the practical, day-to-day operations of your business. He’s formulated best practices through working with some of the country’s top manufacturers and businesses, honed methods and models that are proven to work, and can scale them appropriately for small and medium enterprises.

Shawn and his team are uniquely positioned to not only help you create a sound plan for growth, but see it through to success. 

email: shawn.merritt@huronassociates.com

phone: 616-881-3380

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Does your company’s strategy deliver on your value proposition? Does it help achieve your growth goals?


Does your org. design, objectives, accountability and infrastructure support the implementation of your key strategies?


Do your organizations processes, metric, and governance support achieving organizational objectives?


Would you say your current culture (leadership, team effectiveness, and performance management) help in achieving desired outcomes?


How does your leadership and workforce’s mindset, skill set and group discipline contribute to executing strategies and achieving goals?

When it comes to navigating business growth, knowing what you want to achieve is half the battle. Doing what you need to get there is the rest. We help leaders get clear on exactly what they need to do—and help them map out a plan for getting there.

Navigating growth often requires taking a second look at your methods, tools and skill sets. Or if you’re losing ground to the competition, it can mean thinking differently about how you’re doing business. Regardless, we’re here to help you put the right systems and tools in place to achieve your goals.

We help with:

  • Strategic and Operational Planning — Clarify your shared vision and create one plan to get you there.
  • Data Visualization and KPI Dashboards — Communicate visually to keep your team informed so they can stay on track helping you achieve your vision by implementing the plan.
  • Management Systems – Construct systems that provide power and scale to help you achieve your goals.
  • Leadership Training — Educate your team with management knowledge, skills, and tools to take on enterprise leadership roles in your business.

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